Afrodita cosmetics

I started using their products since I was 14 years old. In that period of my life I had so much pimples, and I wanted to remove them all. So, I went to beauty salon and they advised me. First, they tested which is my type of skin and then we started a treatment. It was Afrodita cosmetics beauty studio, so they put all their products on my face. Second, all of products are made mostly of chamomile, and dermatologically tested. After treatment, they suggested which are the best products for my skin. My skin is oily, but dehydrated, it’s like that, because, I didn’t take enough care of my skin. However, skin could be dehydrated, if we don’t drink enough water!!! The products they suggested me were:

1)Young & pure tonic (which is for normal and oily skin and deep hydrating)

2)Young & pure moisturizing cream “Make it Beautiful!”

3)Young & pure gel for removing spots “Remove spots”

I use those products 6 years. Csn you imagine? Isn’t it unbelieveable? Of course, it is!! Same quality!! I’m really proud of that Afrodita cosmetics company!! And also really thankful to them and to great girls from their Afrodita beauty studio!!


How I edit my instagram account

First of all, I made my instagram when I was 16 years old. It was 2014. First, I wasn’t impressed with that social media. Two days later, I opened my mobile phone, took some picture and I posted it on instagram. It was so interesting to me to put some hashtags of food, traveling, friends, my birthday, and some other special things to post!


This is actually one of the firsts instagram pictures. Amazing selfie with beautiful elephant, which kissed me all the time!!
I have been in Thailand many, many times, it’s the land of smiles and amazing people! I was 15 years old when I was there for the first time! I have many memories and posts of Thailand. It’s like my second home. I have blogged about Thailand on my wordpress account, so you can check it. I promise you will enjoy it! I writed about BKK, Pattaya, Koh Samui and many amazing another places of that beautiful country. I was in Thailand four times!! It’s like my homeland! Isn’t it amazing when you come to some country and say: “I love these people, amazing beaches, magic cities, unbelieveable museums, parks, parties, tropical food, restaurants, temples, animals?” Of course it is! Did you ever feel excited when you come to a special temple you have never seen before? Or see the most beautiful beach like “Maya Bay” on Phi Phi island where is filmed an famous movie “The beach”!? Or taking some pictures with white tigers in amazing Chiangmai night safari!?

What a glamorous picture! I really love this!I really can’t get enough of these all picture from Thailand! Thailand is a Disneyland for every kind of people!! Chiangmai is popular because of “Tiger kingdom”. It is a special place for tigers, they are not druged, and people there care so much of these tigers. You can choose if you want to play with “baby tigers” which are 3 months old, and very fun, or you can choose the place with “big tigers” which are very cool, but bit dangerous. Actually, I really loved that “Tiger Kingdom”. Next thing, I love in this place are museums. This on picture is “Madame Tussauds museum” in BKK. So cool, so many wax figures of many famous people. I can write hours and hours about it! Really woow!!!

Vientiane Kitchen Restaurant

Vientiane Kitchen Restaurant is ine of the best restaurants in BKK. Restaurant is located in Sukhumvit Road. 

Why I love that restaurant ??

First, food is so special and the most delicious of all restaurants in BKK. There is all thai food. Believe me!  Second, they teach you everything about Thai culture. Thirdly, there is always live music and dancers who dance Thai traditional dance, which is so amazing, special and beautiful. So, everybody can dance and be smile and happy.

My family and I were eating all the time. Can you imagine? Eating Thai food and have fun at the same time. Yeahhhh 😎

It was soooo goood!!!

I really love all stuff in this amazing restaurant. They were entertaining me all the time. Words can’t describe how much that country means to me. They are just real Thai people. They are polite, nice, smile, fun. Just how they say in Thai: “Suay mak mak”. (Suay means beautiful, mak means very much). ♥️

Iva Čolakić 

Lush 😍😎

Lush proizvode koristim jos od srednje škole. Škola koju sam pohađala bila je preko puta Lush dućana.

Zašto volim Lush? Vrlo jednostavno… 

Krenimo od njihovih bombi za kupanje. Savršene suuu… 

Najviše bi me veselilo kada bi došla u Lush i vidjela neke nove kupke. Tako tobra stvarrr…

Obožavam ih… 
Bilo da je Božić, Valentinovo, Uskrs, Halloween… 

Svaki puta bi nešto novo došlo… 

Zar nije predivno kada smo u duhu Božića i darujemo ili dobijemo takav neki poklon?? Meni je to prekrasno. Aaaa. 

A zamislimo tek kada kupku stavimo u kadu… Ohhh. Toliko šarenilo, boje, šljokice, sjaj… 

Doista predivno…

A tek miris ajmeee…

Ne zna se što je bolje. Osjećam se kao malo dijete kada kupim nešto u Lushu! A da ne pričam tek o isprobavanju proizvoda. Mislim da mi je to najveća sreća hahaha. A tko još nije probao Lusheve proizvode za kosu, izbjeljivanje zubi, šminku, dezodoranse i sve ostalo??

Sad je vrijeme da ih probate! Brzo! Njihovo osoblje je jedan od razloga zašto sam “zaljubljena” u Lush! Toliko ljubazni, dobri i srdačni! Sve će vam objasniti!!! Bitno je samo da kažete što trebate!!! 

Put pod noge i idemo u Lush!!!!!

The Grand Palace 

This is the last post about Temples in Bangkok. If you didn’t see other posts, you can see them on my blog 💛💛
The Grand Palace was the first Buddha Temple I have ever seen. Full of gold, shiness, beautiful… 

The palace is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Thailand.

The sculptures are magnificent❕❕ Grand and spectacular 👌

  The Palace includes many buildings, pavilions, halls, gardens and lawns.

The Grand Palace was the residence of Thai King which had authority in 17. century.

The Palace was initially built entirely out of wood. 

Wat Pho 

The last blog I have written was Ayutthaya.

Now, I will say you something about another Buddha Temple in Thailand. 

This is a must see in Bangkok. We took a river boat to get there and we were enjoying the view along the way…

Wat Pho is popular because of Reclaining Buddha. Sooo sooo sooo cool. The statue is so long and so big. 😎😎💜

Peaceful and beautiful ☯☯☯

This is largest and oldest Temple in Bangkok. 

Wat Pho was the first public university in Thailand, specialising in religion, science and literature.

Now, The Wat Pho is known as the birthplace of Thai massage, massage courses are given that are open to anyone.

In a small garden next to the housing of the Reclining Buddha is a Bodhi tree which is a descendant of the Bodhi tree from Bodhgaya in India under which the Buddha reached enlightenment.

I think I definitely falled in love with those temples, statues, garden, and Reclaining Buddha of course haha.

  Those figures and statues are really impressive. Thai architecture is full of richness. So, you all must see Bangkok and these amazing culture.
Warning ⚠

You will need to take off your shoes and wear proper clothes, otherwise you will not be allowed to go inside the Temples.


Ayutthaya is the most popular sanctuary in Thailand, which is a little bit far from Bangkok. 😍 Ayutthaya is really special place for me and for my family. 

Ayutthaya is full of peace and positivity. ☯

Sometimes, we want to go to Thailand only to see this wonderful place 🔝🔝🔝

This is the most attractive statue there 🔝🖒 looking so lovelyyy and interesting.

This picture is so funny 😂😂😂

I can’t stop laughing 🙈🙈

Those crazy ckicks, shiny chicks, cool chicks hehe. I really like them 😁 fancyyy 😎😎😎
The highest temple in Ayutthaya. When you climb up, you can’t go down. Haha 😅

And these temples remind me on Wat Arun 👐

They really look alike 😍😍😎🔝